The term rub n tug might seem like a rude phrase, and in fact it is, but what is it exactly? Basically, what does the term rub n tug actually mean? The term rub n tug is a rather crude way of saying a happy massage, a massage with a happy ending or a Thai massage, that is a massage where you get more than your back and legs rubbed down!  These massages are all too regular part of life today, especially in South East Asia, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know what a rub n tug was. But, where did it all start?

It is hard to completely pin down the initial origins of the rub n tug movement so to speak, but massages and massage parlours have been part of everyday life since the 1960s until the present day. Rub n Tugs and other explicit sex jobs would almost certainly have originated from massage parlours that were not at all too shy to offer ‘extra’ services than just a traditional grease down. The 60s was a time when huge cultural change affected the world globally as the stresses of the war and the archaic culture of the past was smashed to pieces by sex, drugs and rock n roll and this almost definitely had an impact in the Rub n Tug industry.

Another major factor was the war in South East Asia, and how the soldiers used and treated the local inhabitants whilst they fought the war. Vietnamese women were treated pretty much as prostitutes and offered sexy massage in Melbourne and sex jobs, like the rub and tug, to the soldiers in exchange for money. The women were paid well for their services and began to understand how sex could be used in exchange for money in a less than economically developed country which was in the midst of a gruesome civil war. This revelation was not lost on Vietnam after the war had finished and a culture of prostitution began to spread throughout the whole of South East Asia where now foreigners can be treated to a happy massage or a Rub n Tug in a variety of different countries in that region, from Cambodia to Vietnam and Thailand and back.

As the world became more globalised, countries that were not previously privy to the happy ending in Melbourne began to become more aware as it popped up across the globe. Today there is hardly a country you cannot visit that you won’t be able to find a dodgy backstreet or a dodgy massage parlour that offers a Rub n Tug and a series of other sex jobs for your pleasure.

Rub N Tug: What Is It?