What are the different kinds of escorts?

When you think of escorts then your mind probably wonders to the women, and men, who frequent street corners, hotels and bars looking for someone to part with their hard earned cash for a little bit of fun.

The thing with escorts in Sydney is, the above isn’t everything the word defines and there is more to escorts than a financial transaction and a motel room. In fact, there is more to these kinds of escorts than just sex. If you are not exactly Mr Current Affairs at the moment then you may be surprised to learn that the world of escort services has evolved into a business where customers now pay for company and friendship rather than just sex. You can even pay an escort for the girlfriend service nowadays.

But that is beside the point. We are here to define the other types of escorts, the types of escorts that you may have never have thought of when the word pops up in conversation.

Here are a few things that the word escort could mean.

To start off with we do have the most popular definition of the word escort which is an escort who has sex for money. These escorts generally work for an agency or can even be independent working out of hotels and upmarket bars so they do not have to pay a proportion of their wage to the escort service they work for. Sex isn’t the only thing an escort like this offers, though. In a broader sense these escorts offer their company for money as opposed to just sex. This means in a world that has become ever more contemporary in the past couple of decades, clients who are lonely and just want companionship and someone to talk to use escorts for exactly this reason and the rest of the particulars can be decided on at a later date. 

Next there is the escort service which offers protection for money. If you have ever been in the unfortunate position where you need escorts to protect you, then you will understand the need for escort services who keep people out of harm’s way of others. If you do have escorts if your employ then it may not always be a bad thing and a sign that someone is out to get you, far from it.You may be in the lucky position of needing an escort to protect you from over-zealous fans and admirers who want your autograph or a picture. Whatever the need, escorts protect as well.

Finally, an escort can just be someone assigned to show you around unfamiliar surroundings and give you a tour. These kinds of escorts are generally people who know the area well and can be specially employed escorts or just escorts that work in the company in another form of employment but have been asked to be an escort for the day.